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This project is intended primarily for those who are ready to give all their free time, and even more, to their children. And turn their childhood dream into reality. What kind of dream is in question can be seen in the video. The idea is not new and not fresh, the Internet is full of photos of such projects, but nevertheless, all the design was carried out independently and “for themselves”. The original dimensions of Willys 1:2 were taken as a basis. When designing, I tried to keep the original shape of the body as much as possible, although there are simplifications (the sides are straight, in the original they should be with a break) … now I understand that it was possible without these simplifications, but then it seemed very difficult, especially since there was no experience yet.

From Monday to Friday, like everyone else, we work for the good of the Motherland. Someone in a kindergarten, and someone in a factory. But the weekend comes and we rush to the village at all times to finish our next project with our son.


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