Making a matrix for the hood

Today I want to tell, or rather show, how you can make a fiberglass hood. My first experience in making a hood was from metal, 0.8 mm thick. Let me tell you, it’s more fun.

To make the hood look normal, you need to make a “flare” around the entire perimeter, so as not to “walk” – weld in the amplifier. And also the weight is not at all happy. Seems like “What’s with that hood?” But no! Believe…

As a result, no matter how carefully you try, traces will be visible on the outer surface, namely points from welding and inaccuracies in the bending radii. I had to fix this with putty. Again, it’s still fun. Especially with my meticulousness. This time I decided not to follow the beaten path, but to try something new. The process itself is more laborious, but interesting. So far I’ve only made the matrix. The hood will be coming soon


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